16 November 2008


Hello people!

I have some announcements to make:

I'm changing this website/blog completely!

I'm gonna remove all the personal stuff from this site, and move it to my new site Life of a Sparrow. Everything related to my AnamariaSparrow account on YouTube, will stay on this site, but the stuff related to my LifeOfASparrow account, and my personal life in general, will be moved.

The reason is very simple; I rarely update the site, mostly because I find it way to “baffling” ... and I figured if I turned it into two individual sites, then it would be much easier for me to take care of both and update :)

07 October 2008

New "Feature" !!

I've made a new "feature" (if you will).

Now you can download some of my videos, for your iPod!!! ;D Yay! LOL xD

Sorry I'm not updating the site, or my YouTube channel for that matter, that much at the moment... I'm just a bit, you know.. *Ick!* :S .. sorry..

Anyways, if you want to see the videos you can download for your iPod, follow this link.

~ Karina :)

06 October 2008

iPod Downloads

I haven't made all of my videos downloadable for iPod yet - some of them, because I haven't got them any longer, and some of them, because I haven't had the time yet.

When you download one of my videos, I trust you won’t be uploading it on You Tube (or any other site for that matter) and that you won’t take credit for making it yourself! I’ve almost reached my limit with the stealing of clips and videos, and at some point I’m gonna have enough, and will remove every single video I’ve ever made!! So please do not spoil it for me and the people who actually know how to follow that very simple rule!

"Say My Name (Doctor/Rose)"
"Someday (Cassie/Sid)"
"Perfect in Weakness (Hermione/Snape)"
"CrushCrushFaint (Hermione/Doctor/Rose)"
"Untouched (Cecilia/Robbie/Briony)"
"My Immortal (Doctor/Rose)"
"Love Don't Roam (Doctor/Rose)"
"The Ghost of You (Doctor/Rose)"
"Can't Take It (Doctor & Jenny)"